Go to slendertouch.com it's way better

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This isn't a body shaper it's a corset and pushes your fat down if u want to lose weight wear a real boby shaper compession girlde go to slendertouch. Com this is the best in the market because it works your whole body and you could go to there stores and try them on and make sure it's your size I got kamora in the mail and it was the wrong size it just doesn't fit my body right like the slendertouch does . They have stores everywhere in the us and they are adjustble so since you lose weight with it you could swer the sides and keep on useing it.


Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #138381

hahaha FATTIES are sooo funny :grin

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #138327

Stop stuffing your mouth with chips while watching television, that works better.


Rather than expecting a piece of fabric that is crushing your fat to make you lose weight, get off your fat ***, exercise and eat proper.

Nothing comes easy.

to Capt Obvious Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #957721

Why are You So Mean?I Love to Build People Up, not put Them down, GOD makes People in All Sizes for a reason......

I'm a Size 3, @ 5'7, & I have a totally flat Tummy at 48, But I had to Respond Because, if Your saying these things, (as well as the other 2 comments, Then maybe, You Should work on yourself, to Feel more Secure about Yourself)!?!

I Hope You'll be a little more Kind & if You don't need a little work yorself, then why are You even on the site?

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